Dziwnówek – See the beauty that surrounds you


Dziwnówek is the perfect place to slow down, calm your mind, break away from the hustle and bustle and spend time in the bosom of nature.

Dziwnówek is a small summer resort, a former fishing settlement, located by the sea, overgrown and surrounded by beautiful pine forests. The biggest attraction here is the clean, very wide beach with fine, white sand. The climate here is mild and the water in the sea warm and clean.
The beaches are surrounded by dunes covered with rare species of protected vegetation.

Your Spa

Dziwnówek is an ecologically clean place. The bathing resort located among pine forests has
the status of a spa with a climate favorable to the treatment of respiratory tract and cardiovascular ailments. There are also deposits of chloride and sodium waters with high mineralization.


Dziwnówek is located between Dziwnów and Łukęcin. The characteristic for Dziwnówek is a small lighthouse, which is a souvenir shop, a sundial and a fountain. In nearby Dziwnów there is a fishing port and a passenger harbor, from which you can take a short trip on the Baltic Sea.

Being in Dziwnówek, it is worth going at least once for a full-day road trip along the coast towards the west and visit one of the most beautiful parks in Poland – Wolin National Park.

Active Leisure

From the southwest, the border of the village is marked by the waters of the Wrzosowska Bay – a part of the Kamienski Lagoon, and from the north by the beaches of the Baltic Sea. These are the optimal conditions for practicing sports that attract enthusiasts of outdoor activities, ranging from windsurfing and kitesurfing, sailing and canoeing, cycling, horse riding, golf and hiking or nordic walking.

Water Sports

In Dziwnówek there are excellent conditions for various water sports. You can practice wakeboarding, windsurfing, sailing and canoeing in the waters of the Kamieński Lagoon and at the Baltic Sea. The windsurfing school is located on the shores of the Wrzosowskie Lake bay.


There is a network of bicycle paths in Dziwnówek and neighboring towns. Part of the international Seaside Bicycle Trail around the Baltic R-10 runs through Dziwnówek. The route also includes surrounding towns such as Dziwnów, Rewal, Świnoujście and Międzyzdroje.

Horse Riding

If you spend your holiday in Dziwnówek and want to go horse riding go to nearby Wrzosów. There you can take advantage of horse riding lessons for children and adults and for advanced
riders – field trips.


Golf enthusiasts have at their disposal two golf courses: in the area of Kamień Pomorski
(Kamień Country Golf Club)
and in Kołczewo
(Amber Baltic).

Walking Trails

The Seaside Trail named dr. Czesław Piskorski and part of the European long distance walking trail E9 run through the entire coast, including Dziwnówek. During your stay, you can go exploring the Baltic area with these routes.

Easy Access

Extension of the S3 expressway makes that Dziwnówek is perfectly connected with Wroclaw, Zielona Gora, Poznan, Szczecin and Berlin. Located just a several dozen kilometres away,
the Goleniow airport receives flights from Warsaw, Krakow, Oslo, London, Liverpool and Bergen.

4,50 h
470 km

Zielona Góra
3 h
289 km

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340 km

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94 km

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